Taxi Trucks

Serving both urban and outlying areas, Freight Express Taxi Trucks include trucks with the following weight capacities: One tonne (1000kg) van or Ute and two-tonne, three-tonne and four tonne trucks. Having a specialised fleet that is large enough to cover the distances and destinations you require, Freight Express provide a number of secure heavy haulage options. You have the choice of either flat-top or taut liner trucks with the following weight capacities: six-tonne, eight-tonne, twelve-tonne or semi-trailer. The solid roofs and curtain sides make taut-liners convenient for side loading and offer protection from poor weather during transit, while flat tops deliver low tare weight and high payload advantage. Experienced and responsible drivers are assigned to meet the need for safe loading procedures and steady transport of awkward long, wide and heavy load sizes.

Dependable Couriers know how important it is that your freight reaches its destination on time and on budget. Call our experienced and friendly team of specialised logistics experts on 1300 366 524 for advice on transport, cost-effective quotations and to book your next delivery with peace of mind.